Seven from Haven

A Collection of Gentle Ghost Stories


Seven gentle tales of the paranormal with O’Henry-like sensibility, charm and humor. Set in a small Pennsylvania mountain village, where strange and wondrous things happen, Seven from Haven are quirky, fantastical short stories which prove what they say about this town: “Haven takes care of its own.”


“You know that feeling you get after watching ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’? When I finished reading this I had to wipe a tear away, and sighed, ‘That was wonderful.'” ~ Wendy Delmater, Abyss & Apex Magazine
“The stories are magical. Grotta teases us with very precise detail and almost journalistic scene setting, then when we’re not quite looking carries us gently into a world of soft boundaries, unexplained visitations, and of deep, deep hope and simple courage. These stories speak from and directly to the heart.” – David Zarko, playwright


Daniel read a portion of Mr. Eastman’s Empathy a story from Seven From Haven at a writers’ conference.


“Cuddle up with a book of friendly ghost stories that will make you think and even smile.” ~ Ginny Privitar, The Courier


“This book is outstanding!!! Seven gentle, intriguing, always interesting brushes with the paranormal… Love it!!!” ~ Nancy Nasielski Foster


“The stories are intriguing, eerie and disturbing, and also have as themes big issues like civil rights, war, technology, and the bonds that link human beings.” ~ Magdalena Ball, Compulsive Reader

Interview: The Backstory of Seven from Haven

Click here to read Pure Jonel’s Interview with Daniel about how he came to write Seven from Haven, his influences, and writing in general. At the end is her glowing review of the book. (Reprinted from the Pure Jonel website.)