Helping Find the Solutions You Need


Tap into Sally’s wide professional experience and expertise, and contract with her as your personal mentor or business consultant.

All mentoring and consulting projects are designed to address the concerns, interests and purposes of each individual or company. Below are samples of projects that Sally accepts. (Please click on the titles below to read the full descriptions.) 


Personal Mentoring
  • Guidance, critiques and/or editing your writing project.
  • Guidance and critiques on your photography project.
  • Advice and guidance on running a professional freelance creative business.
  • Breaking into writing for magazines and online periodicals.
  • Creating and developing a great story or book query.
  • Developing and managing a creative personal project. (May include advice on applying for grants and other financial support.)
  • Advice on self-publishing versus going the traditional route.
  • Much more.

Business Consulting & Editorial Services
  • Customized seminars, workshops and training.
  • Analyses and case studies.
  • Personal appearances.
  • Articles and books.
  • Written and video interviews and reviews.
  • Buyers guides and how-tos.
  • White papers and custom reports.
  • Documentation and tutorials.
  • Advertorials and other editorial material.
  • Much more.

Technology Analyst
  • Competitive analyses.
  • R&D testing.
  • Seminars and training.
  • Reviews.
  • Case studies.
  • And more.
  • For more information on services for technology companies, please go to the DigitalBenchmarks page.


Consulting and mentoring may consist of various combinations of the following:

  • Phone conferences
  • Web video conferences
  • Email discussions
  • Written reports
  • In-person meetings
  • Other interactions

Pricing may be hourly, for set hours per week or month, by the project or a package purchase of a specific number of hours.

To request a free initial half hour consultation, please fill out this questionnaire which will help us prepare for an efficient and productive discussion.