Adam V

A Black Bear, Pennsylvania Story


When Adam William Mathison V’s parents die in a plane crash, the 12-year-old becomes heir to a vast fortune and the possible target of a murder plot. Hiding out on an isolated mountain farm in Black Bear, Pennsylvania, Adam uses the Internet to pretend that his recently deceased grandfather is alive, still his guardian and in control of the estate. The fact is Adam is completely on his own. Then, when Raquila, a pregnant 16-year-old illegal alien, blunders into his life things become even more complicated .

A young adult novel, Adam V is a first-person journal (“Girls keep diaries; men write journals”) of a spoiled brat of a boy forced to grow up fast, if he is to survive.

About Black Bear, PA

The Pocono Mountain village of Black Bear was created as a literary folie à deux by Daniel Grotta and Sally Wiener Grotta. Both Daniel and Sally have dipped into the same pool of invented locales and characters to write a series of separate stories and novels to paint a full picture of the diversity of life and relationships in a small mountain village.

The first Black Bear story was Honor, a novella by Daniel Grotta. Sally’s novel Jo Joe (which was a Jewish Book Council Network book) followed soon after. Sally is continuing to create other Black Bear stories, including Women of a New Moon and Woof! A Love Story. In addition to Adam V, Daniel left another Black Bear novel — Black Bear One — about the village’s volunteer ambulance corps.