Daniel with Watson at his desk by Sally Wiener Grotta
Visitors almost always found Daniel at his desk, where he would invite them to chat and brainstorm whatever was on their minds


At one point or other, Daniel Grotta wore nearly every hat in publishing: author, journalist, music and book critic, publisher, editor, and mentor. A full-time freelancer throughout his career, he enjoyed the personal creative control and freedom that allowed him to make a rather good living writing about what fascinated him, working with and editing the people he most admired, and devoting whatever energy and time was required to produce a great story.

Among Daniel’s many accolades and awards is one that stands apart from the rest: His writings were, at one point, the most requested to be recorded as audio files by clients of Reading for the Blind in Philadelphia, because of the visual clarity and beauty of his prose. And, yet, I believe the greatest tribute to him are the many people he mentored, quietly and privately — people who went on to not just achieve much, but who learned from Daniel to always question and seek and be open to new ideas. They are the legacy that would give him the greatest pride and joy.

I hope you enjoy reading about Daniel on this site, that it proves to be a useful resource for you, and that it will encourage you to read more of his books and articles.

Thank you,    Sally Wiener Grotta


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